Our services

We guarantee that all services rendered by our specialists will be provided in a proper and timely manner.

The specialists of Easy Tax & Legal take monthly upgrading courses with a purpose to update their knowledge. It is really important, since in the Spanish legislation the changes occur on a regular basis. Lack of information about the legislative innovations might result in the client’s lost time and unforeseen financial expenses in the form of penalties.

Be extremely cautious when choosing a company to solve your legal and accounting issues.  

With our company Easy Tax & Legal, you can be sure that every document will be prepared in accordance to the law.

Tax audit and administrative resources

  • Financial and tax consultations;
  • Assistance, interests representation and legal protection;
  • Administrative resources;
  • Preparations for the fiscal inspections;
  • Documents submission to the tax administration;
  • Installment payments;
  • Representation with the tax authorities.

Fiscal management, taxes control

  • Preparation, presentation, and depositing of the annual accounting report;
  • Determination of the budget policy and operations planning;
  • Tax audit of the company;
  • Preparation and submission of VAT declarations, income tax, non-resident incomes, excises, customs declarations, inheritance, gift tax, etc.;
  • Form 720, declaration of goods and rights abroad;
  • Tax deduction and payment;
  • Fiscal report in the electronic form;
  • Tax consultations for the companies, associations, funds, tourist agencies, real estate agencies, pharmacies, etc.;
  • Other consulting services for the companies;
  • Recommendations for the business groups: merging, creation of a holding;
  • Transfer pricing;
  • Consultations on the international taxation and other issues.

Accounting consultations

  • Analysis of administration and accounting;
  • Negotiations with the state authorities;
  • Accounting consultations;
  • Preparation and control of the budget execution;
  • Business evaluation;
  • Application of the evaluation standards.

Accounting services.

  • Accounting organization;
  • Account books legalization;
  • Management and accounting, opening and closing of the year;
  • Submission of the account books and annual accounting statements;
  • Depreciation;
  • Analysis of the key indexes and other data;
  • Updating of the outdate accounts;
  • Studying and analysis of the accounts
  • Accounts plan;
  • Preparation of the financial report;
  • Deposit of the annual accounting report;
  • Financial accounting;
  • Professional accounting management

Financial accounting

  • Preparation of the accounting and financial statements;
  • Analysis of the profits and expenditures;
  • Comprehensive analysis of the company balance sheet;
  • Financial accounting of the subsidiaries;
  • Report on the company financial plan realization;
  • Involvement of the separate experts for conducting the financial audit

Legal consultations

We provide our services to all clients, in particular, to the representatives of the medium-sized and small business.

Legal services and commercial consultations

  • Consulting of the companies of all kinds (commercial and legal entities), including corporations, limited liability companies, tourist agencies, joint companies (partnerships);
  • Various corporate changes: changes of the corporate objective, increase or decrease of the capital, address change, introduction of the amendments to the partnership agreements;
  • Technical maintenance and legalization of corporate and account books;
  • Preparation and registration of the annual accounting statements;
  • Control and management planning in case of assets imbalance;
  • Debt portfolio control, legal actions aimed at the issued loans repayment;
  • Preparation and reconciliation of all kinds of commercial, civil, and legal agreements: sale contracts, leasing, insurance policies, credits, etc.;
  • Registration and protection of the trademarks, patents, manufacturing samples, and domains;
  • Following the procedures and formalities when working with the governmental authorities, registrars, and notaries.

Legal services, unpaid taxes management

  • Legal consultations in the process of bankruptcy, dissolution, and liquidation of a company;
  • Recommendations on data protection (lopd) and introduction of the prevention rules;
  • Business restructuring: creating of holdings, merging, redemption, etc.;
  • Hiring of foreign employees.

Consulting on the employment and HR questions

  • Social security: registration of temporary disability, retirement, pregnancy and childbirth financial aid, worker’s death, subsidies, etc.;
  • Personnel recruitment, salary calculation;
  • Labor relations of the key management personnel;
  • Planning and prevention of the labor risks;
  • Status: entrepreneur, freelancer, farmer, artist.
  • Registration with the social security agency;
  • Tax reporting (income tax);
  • Partnership;
  • Contingencies;
  • Dismissals;
  • Disability registration;
  • Assistance during inspections (libros de visita);
  • Reduction of the working hours;
  • Complaints as for the labor pay, fees, penalties, etc.;
  • Employment reports (regulación de empleo).
  • Work with the personnel.

Labor legislation, disputes

  • Corporate restructuring;
  • Salary;
  • Dismissals;
  • Professional risks;
  • Agreements;
  • Social security.

Consultations on employment issues

  • Specialists’ consultations in the field of the Labor legislation;
  • Orientation in the management of your company personnel;
  • Concluding of labor contracts;

Foreign employees

  • Work permits preparation and residence permits;
  • Request for the extension of the duration of stay;
  • Request for obtaining the citizenship;
  • Employment visa;
  • Student visa.